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The Literature and Medicine Track  is a longitudinal academic track designed for students interested in engaging the intersection of literature, narrative studies, medical narratives, and medicine.

The aim of this track is to improve narrative competency and communication skills, leading to greater comfort deciphering patient stories; but no less importantly, this track aims to improve the students’ quality of life.

Through its collaboration with the Medical Humanities Initiative at Georgetown University, this track offers a unique opportunity for students from the medical campus and main campus to learn side by side. Participants in the track are able to participate in medical humanities classes offered on the main campus while undergraduate medical humanities minors can attend LitMed sessions at GUSoM.

The track also includes an experiential component in which students
have the opportunity to meet with visiting authors, attend off-campus
programs, and work with affiliate faculty to create a capstone project.


Daniel Marchalik, MD, MBA
Lead Faculty: Literature and Medicine

Dennis Murphy, MD
Lead Faculty: Medical Narratives

 Hunter Groninger, MD, MA
 Lakshmi Krishnan, MD, PhD
 Julia Langley, MA, MBA
 Michael Pottash, MD, MA 

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