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M2-M4 – Capstone Years


  • Students would need to enroll in the second year of the L&M course and attend 4/8 sessions.

  • Students would need to engage in a scholarly pursuit in the M2 year. This project is best engaged in the students’ second year to allow enough time for completion and possible publication of the project prior to graduation.

    • Students will have the ability to select their own mentor and to decide on the topic with the mentor.​

    • The completion of the scholarly project will not be automatically transferred to satisfy the Independent Scholarly Project (ISP). However, in situations where a study design includes a hypothesis, data collection an analysis as well the other criteria set forth by the ISP program, the students may apply to have the scholarly project satisfy both the Literature and Medicine Track and the ISP requirement

    • The completion of the scholarly project is deemed “Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory” by the faculty mentor

    • Students present their Capstone in their 4th year at the Student Research Day.

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